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Top Questions on ABSD or Decoupling!

In full-term, it is known as Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty, a tax that’s levied on top of Buyer’s Stamp Duty (a tax that property buyers have to pay when they buy a property).

Yes, it is possible and we have assisted numerous clients from different backgrounds to grow their real asset portfolio which you may refer to some real case studies below!

Decoupling is the process where one co-owner of a property transfers his or own share to other co-owner ( in the most common situation of a property co-owned by 2 persons).

We have a few options where you can upgrade from your existing HDB or even the possibility of buying 2 properties with rental income.

However, we would need more information (eg outstanding loan, financial assessment) to assess the feasibility as well.

We have 3 different options for you, but before that, we need more information (eg property info, financial assessment) from you so that we can propose the most suitable method.

Definitely NOT. We highly believe in working on a transparent relationship and we provide a complimentary consult with a personalised risk analysis report for you as well.

Read on to find out more about our successful case studies for both HDB & Private owners in the upgrading journey (INCLUDING OURS) which we have done!

Throughout the 24 years of experience, we’ve owned multiple properties with our first being a HDB.

Today, we’ve owned over 18 properties, from HDB to Landed. With our tested and proven restructuring plan, we’ve helped over hundreds of clients to reach the same goal!

Mr & Mrs Raj (Aged 40 and 36) lived in their HDB Flat for 10 years before deciding to upgrade to 1 Condo. They wanted to further invest but did not want to sacrifice their savings.


  • Successfully upgraded to 2 CONDOS with huge potential capital gain
  • Fulfilled their investment needs through Restructuring (cashflow analysis, financial calculation and loans)
  • Earned EXTRA CASH for a rainy day & MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME!

After owning a 5-Bedroom HDB Flat for a few years, Mr & Mrs Teo (Aged 38 and 36) wanted to upgrade their property portfolio. However, they had many financial doubts including hefty Additional Buyer Stamp Duties (ABSD).


  • Successfully sold their HDB ABOVE VALUATION
  • Bought 2 Private Properties, 1 Freehold & 1 Building-under-Construction (BUC)
  • Secured a home within 1.5km of a top school for their children
  • Earned EXTRA CASH for a rainy day without touching their savings!

Now that you are somewhat convinced or interested to find out how to own a 2nd property but you have these concerns..

Unfortunately, there is never a BEST TIME to buy but that is why we are here to show you when it could be a good opportunity to enter the market.

We have done EXTENSIVE research for you and will show you the relevant but less-known data and share critical market information so that you are well equipped in your decision making.

Rest assured, we would not want you to break the bank just to own a 2nd property, nor for it to affect your lifestyle. Everyone should own a 2nd property at their comfort level. And we will share various risk assessment techniques to ensure that your monthly commitments will be manageable and safe.

Thinking and Questioning Yourself won’t Change Anything. Get In Touch With Us On A Free Non-Obligatory Discussion To Clear Your Doubts & Enquiries!